Things to Avoid in Basketball Training

Basketball players have to develop their playing skills gradually. Season breaks are a great way to develop their skills. Usually post-season periods are for enjoyment. But the younger players try to develop their skills at a certain level in this period. Because most of the time around the year they need to be busy in training with other players. Professional basketball players have to develop themselves to make them faster, lighter and stronger. Around the year they participate in basketball training programs that are designed to maintain a balance of strength and speed of the players.

However, post-season training can develop a player as well as harm someone. Some players end up finding that they did not improve at all. And some other players end up having them injured. And for the younger people who want to be a basketball player appointing a professional coach is tough. A professional star can simply appoint a coach to increase his/her personal level. But for a player who does not have that much money, development can be a curse without proper instruction. The core development of a professional player happens at a very young age. So a person who wants to be a basketball player should know what things he/she should not do in training.

Band resisted training: Some people might think that why the band resisted training is here. Most of the people think this system improves the ability of a player. Bands are useful in weight lifting and therapies. But bands does not help in developing strength. For some reason, there is a belief that band resisted training develop the strength. But to get explosive power a basketball player needs to be stronger, efficient and have the ability of faster acceleration of strength. Band resisted training simply make player weak by taking all the strength. So a player cannot be fully prepared for the next exercises. Bands do not even develop the strength expressing process. Rather it slows the player. Bands even do not make a player efficient. A basketball player needs to be faster gradually. But bands rather slows them down.

Repetitive motion jumping: Repetitive motion jumping was believed to develop the jumping ability. But some recent researches have shown that this method simply does not work. Rather it pumps up the energy from the player, weakens the calf and sometimes makes calf muscle pain. So avoiding this will save a lot of money and valuable time. A person should rather try calf raising and calf muscle development to increase the jump height. Practicing basketball regularly will also develop the jumping skill.

Dribbling with a tennis ball: Some player thinks that working with tennis balls improve their reflexes. Even some of the coaches suggest this method. The player has to throw a tennis ball to a wall and make a move before catching the ball back. This method does not have any valid data that proves that this method works.

Most of the players know what they should follow. These are the things not to follow.

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