The myths about an aurora fountain pen technology

We learn to write from a very early age. And while most don’t get to use really fancy pens, we still know some things about them. In fact, you have probably seen one or another type of an aurora fountain pen. It is one of those types that you politicians sign important documents. Or such pens act as a decoration on the store windows.
Such presence, no matter if it just for the sake of appearance, can cause people to start imagine all kinds of things. That is the reason why we have decided to compile a list of various myths about these aurora pens.

The first item on the list is the fact that you need to have experience to use them. The reality is somewhat different. It will work as any ordinary pen, though you should not press it as much as you would with the competition, if you can call other pens or pencils that. However, if you were to get your hands on a special calligraphy type of a pen, then you will need to put more effort than usual. That one works a little bit different, so be sure to read up about it before you go ahead and start writing.

The second myth is about the ink. The manufacturer will more than likely try to persuade you to use only their special ink. And the usual argument is that another kind of ink will be detrimental for the pen, and it will be the cause for you throwing it away for good. But reality is different – any decent ink will work.

Heavy means better. This one is a bit harder to bust, since there are a lot of different manufacturers, not just Aurora. Just think of this – using a heavier pen for a longer period of time will cause problems and it is not something that you can consider to be comfortable. And even though such pens were a popular commodity back in the day, everybody was smart enough to consider comfort instead of reputation. Nowadays, heavy pens are used to sign various documents by politicians, in front of others, and so forth.

The final thing to note is the gossip going around that such items are sought after by collectors. If you are thinking that you can make some money from this in the future, give up on such an idea right now. Visit main website for more information.

So to sum everything up, if you are thinking about getting an aurora fountain pen for yourself or for somebody else, then be sure to familiarize yourself with the subject. And don’t look too deep into various myths that surround these pens. Most of them are lies.

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